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What I do

I develop effective marketing solutions for your business in both print and digital media. Digital marketing that I provide includes: Website development and promotion with social media. Working with with Google analytics, we can track visitors and see what areas of the website people are spending the most time on.

Print solutions I provide include: brochures, logo design, stationary, posters, business cards, and any form of printed material that you need. Feel free to send me a message on my contact page for more information.

My Belief

My belief is that the designs that we make should be very clear with a message that is instantly recognizable. In our digital age we don’t want to make people think about what it is we are trying to say. The quicker a person can grasp our message the more impact it has.

By researching target audiences and developing specific solutions that are tailored to their needs, we can communicate with that audience more effectively and build a business that is easier understood.

About Me

  • Web and Graphic Designer

Sebastian Nadeau Web and Graphic Designer

What drives me

Working on complex challenges and then finding simple yet effective solutions is something I really enjoy doing. With a passion for communicating ideas to people visually through different mediums, and an excitement for programming.


I am very passionate for what I do. For me work is a pleasure and I can keep at it for hours. As long as there is a life balance, I can see myself continuing to program and design for years to come.


The creativity this profession brings is wonderful. Being able to solve business problems requires me to collaborate and have a flexible mind so that all the final solutions look great.


I am very detail oriented and I believe that all the details working together in unison brings about great quality. This is a big part of my work and in every single project I get I deliver on that quality.

Why you should work with Me?

High Quality

You will always receive high quality work from me. My passion is in the details, and I put great care and attention in what I do.

Great User Experience

I build websites that are easy to use, intuitive and simple. Finding the right information on the site will be direct and clear.

Fair Prices

While I deliver on quality your wallet doesn’t have to take a toll. I work at a reasonable rate, and price my work fairly.

Does this look good to you? Contact me for your next project